Little Prospect
Dummerston, VT
1952 to about 1957

Little Prospect Ski area was a small rope tow area that briefly operated in the town of Dummerston.  It was located on the East-West Rd. between Dummerston Center and West Dummerston, on the right hand side about 50 feet from the intersection of Black Mountain Rd.  

According to Terry Tyler from Dummerston, he built the rope tow there, as well as another one nearby at Big Prospect in the early 50's.  It was a 3500 foot rope in a big open field on the Hickens property.

Mrs. Hickins, who now raises blackberries and vegetables on the land, contributed the following  information about the operation of the ski area.

Near the barway on the East-West Rd. there was a small snack hut which sold hot dogs, candy bars and hot chocolate, it operated with a two burner gas grill.  Just behind the snack hut was the start of the rope tow which brought the skiers up the hill over one flat and on to a second flat.  The lift rope ran up a series of telephone poles with tire rims on them and was powered by a Model T Ford engine.The rope tow was built by her husband and Terry Tyler.  For a while Terry helped out with it's operation.  Her children helped out around the area.  A son, Randy even tried to teach her to ski.  For a couple years the area was a fairly popular local babysitter on the weekends.  As she remembers, the area was only opened on weekends and vacations.

Randy Hickins later went on to work at nearby Maple Valley for a couple years, then he went to Mt. Snow and worked there for about fifteen years.  He is currently the "computer man" for Okemo Mountain.

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