Big Prospect
Dummerston, VT

Big Prospect Ski area was a rope tow area that briefly operated in Dummerston(1953-1962).  It was located on the East-West Rd. between Dummerston Center and West Dummerston, about a half mile away from Little Prospect.  There are now A frame houses near the location of the former ski area.

According to Terry Tyler from Dummerston, he built the rope tow there, as well as another one nearby at Little Prospect in the early 50's.  This tow was built on the property of Dr. David Baldwin.  Trails were cut through the trees.  He believes that there still may be an old drive and sheaves on the top of the hill. 

This rope tow area never really managed to take in enough money to keep it afloat, according to Terry Tyler, and when it needed a new rope it stopped operation.  At the time one person was trying to operate the area and it was too much work for one person.  The insurance costs had also risen and Dr. Baldwin did not want to continue to operate it. Terry Tyler says that he offered to take out a long term lease on the property and the rope tow, but Dr. Baldwin opted not to accept the offer.   Terry Tyler went on from this venture to purchase the property where he designed and built Maple Valley in 1963. 

If you remember this ski area, just let us know.

Last updated: Jan 2, 2006

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