Timber Ridge
Windham, VT
Reborn Since 2000

Introduction ~ Base Area ~ Base Lodge ~ Former Lifts


I'll be the first to admit - I can't believe we haven't covered this rebirth of a lost ski area yet on NELSAP. So now is the time! There are some very exciting going-ons at the former Timber Ridge Ski Area, also once known as Timberside at Magic Mountain. For more information about the history of Timber Ridge, please click here (though some updates are needed to that history page).

We are moving Timber Ridge from the Lost to Open ski areas column. While there are no lifts in operation at the mountain, significant restoration has occurred.

Owner Tim Waker purchased the former ski area in 2000, and since then he and his crew have cleared most of the the trails, renovated the base lodge, purchased a groomer, installed some basic snowmaking, and take guests and friends to the summit on snowmobiles. Snowboarding is strong here - Tim's son Chris is a competitive snowboarder. And, in March 2008, the Quarterpipe World Championship was held here!

There are no lifts operating yet at Timber Ridge, but Tim does plan on purchasing a used T-bar to be installed some point, following the path of the former T-bar. To the right is a trail map of Timber Ridge, which is now hung in the base lodge. Note the good mix of trails and slopes on this 800' vertical mountain. Click on the map for the larger version.

Timber Ridge is mainly used for guests and friends, but occasionally competitions are held here, like the Quarterpipe Championship. Most of the winter sports here are informal, using snowmobiles to access the summit, and everybody chips in one way or another.

Basic snowmaking exists around the base area, mainly used to create terrain features.

Take a look at some videos from Timber Ridge over the last few years from Youtube:

Sledding down the mountain.
Rome Snowboards at Timber Ridge.

We hope to have a NELSAP event here during the 2008-2009 Winter Season. Stay tuned!

Here is a tour of Timber Ridge. To see the larger version of each photo, please click on it. We hope to add more in the near future, including scenes from around the mountain.

Base Area

A sign denotes where to park near the base lodge.

The restored base lodge on the right, along with the former double chair engine building on the left. This now stores a groomer and other equipment.
Looking up the well-maintained Devil's Hopyard trail.

A pipecutter used to create terrain features.


Base Lodge

This is what the base lodge (right) looked like in the late 1990's. All the windows had been smashed in, and the inside was completely exposed to the elements. Serious decay had occurred.

In the last several years however, the base lodge has been restored. It now resembles a classic ski lodge, comfortable, cozy, with a great view of the slopes.
Game tables and couches abound inside the lodge.

A comfortable bar provides a place to kick back after a day on the slopes. There is also a kitchen area and restrooms.

Former Lifts

There are no lifts left standing, but there are remnants. The engine house for the double chair is in good shape and now stores a snowcat/groomer.

The double chair used to run up this liftline.
The former engine house for the T-bar still stands and is used for storage.

Snowmaking equipment is stored in this building.
The former T-bar liftline. Hopefully someday another T-bar will run in its place.

Last updated: August 26, 2008

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