Marshall Hill
Stowe, VT

Marshall Hill was a very small, brief T-bar area that operated in the middle 1970's. The area was located off School Street, just south of downtown Stowe near the elementary school.

In its early years, Marshall Hill served as the location for the Stowe Winter Carnival. Little is known however about the alpine operation that started in 1973. It opened that year with a 450 foot long T-bar that had a capacity of only 140 skiers/hour! The area closed in 1976. 

To the right is an aerial shot of the area. Note that it was primarily a wide open slope with a few scattered trees. The vertical was less than 100'.

Some guesses about the operation of this area - since it was located behind the school, it was likely a town area. The hill was decidedly beginner in nature. Plus, the closure in the middle 70's could have been due to fuel costs. The T-bar was likely from another area, but that's just a guess.

I found this area with Scott Drake on Oct 28, 2005 and took the picture to the left. Note the very early snow, which was left over from a big storm from a few days prior.

If you remember this ski area, just let us know.

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