Huntington Ski Area
Exact Name Unknown
Huntington, VT
Years Operational Unknown, But likely Pre-1969

This area is quite an enigma. It has no written references that we know of, nor does it have more than one NELSAP reader remembering it! The only likelihood is that it is from before 1969 - our VT rope tow inspections do not mention it, and they were VERY thorough. They go from 1969 onwards.

Dan Locicero, whose family now owns the property that this lost area is on, discovered this area after his purchase of the land. He writes:

"I recently moved to Texas Hill road in Huntington, VT and I found what may be an old ski area on the hill behind my house. There are two to three metal vertical columns that are supported with concrete bases that go in a line straight up a pretty steep hill. Along with the columns I've found an old engine that isn't for a car or truck, but judging by the levers and its looks it was probably used for pulling or  hydraulics. Another thing that I found in the same area was a very large metal wheel with a groove in it like something that would be used to turn a cable. I also found what looks to be a sleigh or sled possible what was towed up the hill. the sled is heavy duty steel and with two runners and it about four to five feet long. In my mind this was either for skiing or some kind of logging operation where they skidded logs out using a cable tow. "

Dan's family measured the liftline to be 1023', and the vertical to be 260'.


Above-topo map of the area, sent by Jean Locicero. Blue line indicates location of the lift. Note how it is halfway up the mountain and not on a main road. Perhaps a dirt road led to it at one time.

Jean (Dan's Mom) Locicero took the following photos of the area in the winter of 2006. Note how grown in the slope is!

Perhaps the counterweight, or some other portion of the rope tow. Likely part of the bullwheel of the rope tow too.

Likely the groove for the rope.
More of the bullwheel and unidentified metal parts.

The other wheel near the foundation.
Rope tow engine - very old! Can anyone identify this?

This part of the engine is labeled "Superior"
Rope tow pulleys on the ground.

Closeup of the pulley.
Rope tow tower with pulley attached, rotting on the ground.

More of the rotting tower.
Dan stands next to a metal tower - as to why some towers where wood and others metal, I just don't know.

A collapsed tower.
The final tower - note how grown in the slope is!

Dan stands at the top tower. Note the red, fading paint.

If you remember this ski area, just let us know.

Last updated: June 22, 2007

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