Gilman Vermont Tow
Gilman, VT
Dec 1963-1981

Thanks to Lucy Wyman who first informed us that a rope tow operated on Baptist Hill Road in Gilman. We then heard from Dennis Smith, who sent us additional history and photos of the area (below). Click on all photos to enlarge. All photos were provided by Don and Giselle Halle and Clarence and Evelyn Smith of Gilman, Vermont.

The Ski Tow was constructed and operated by the volunteers of the Gilman Outing Club. With donations from the former tow operated on the Gilman Farm and donations from the Gilman Paper Company, and the “sweat equity” of the members; the Gilman Ski Tow was a welcome addition to the recreational facilities of the Gilman Outing Club.

The slope and rope tow.

Another view of the rope tow.

Approximate dates of the Ski Tow Operations were from December 1963 to the close of operations in 1981. 
The Gilman Outing Club sponsored the annual Winter Carnival.  The festivities included skating events at the skating rink and skiing events such as Slalom, Giant Slalom and a Cross Country Ski Race.  Ribbons were presented for first, second and third place winners. 

Winter Carnival, 1966.

Giant slalom event.

Finish Line.

Top of the ski area.
Warming hut.

Skier in 1964.

The Ski Tow provided an excellent source of recreational activities for many years.  The area was open for night skiing on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights. On moon lit nights, skiers that lived in the village would ski on a trail through the woods that extended from the Ski Tow right into the village.

If you remember this ski area and can add more details, just let us know.

Last updated: March 19, 2013

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