Mount Ascutney
Brownsville, VT
1947-1991, 1993-2010

Photos ~ Recent Activity

Sadly, Mount Ascutney will not be operating in 2010. The area has been sold, and there are no plans at this time to reopen the ski area. Perhaps it will be back for next season, but that is very unclear at this time.

This page is just a placeholder for now. We will add more to it in the future as it becomes more clear if Ascutney is lost for good. If it is, with a high speed quad it will become the most advanced lost ski area in New England.

More information can be found at Jeremy Clark's New England Ski History Website.

For now, enjoy a few images of Ascutney below. Click on all but the first two images for a larger version.


Here's a view of one the large slopes, likely 1940's.

Another shot, likely from the 1940's, showing Brownsville, VT below.
In its early years, Mount Ascutney was a simple T-bar and rope tow ski area with just a few trails. This early 1950's trail map is courtesy of the New England Ski Museum.



A 1960's trail map shows a much expanded ski area, with numerous T-bars, rope tows, and a summit Hall Double Chair. Courtesy of the New England Ski Museum.
By 1968, the area had added a short T-bar above the midstation of the summit double chair.  Courtesy Rev. Thomas White.

A 1970's montage of views of Mount Ascutney. Courtesy of the New England Ski Museum.

A more recent (March 26, 2004) view of the slopes, with Killington in the background. Courtesy Jeremy Clark.

Recent Activity

Seth Beck hiked up and explored this lost area in December of 2010. Here is his trip report!


If you have photos of Ascutney, please let us know.

Last updated: Jan 3, 2011

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