Teneriffe Ski Area
Milton, NH
Early 1950's

Not much is known about this ski area that operated in Milton. According to a 1951 guidebook, this area was located in the village of Milton. It had a 700 foot tow, a novice and intermediate slope, and an 1100 foot trail. It was operated weekends, holidays, Tues/Thu evenings by the Teneriffe Ski Club.

D. Boulanger has more information on this area: Teneriffe Ski (or maybe Outdoor or Recreation) Club had a Rope Tow that was operational at least into the mid-1960's on the west side of route 16 in Milton NH. I was in a race there around that time.

Steve Panish has a bit more info: There were indeed two ski areas on Teneriffe Mtn. in Milton NH.  If you stop by Milton Hardware on what is now Rt 125 (formerly Rt 16) they have an aerial photo from the early 40's behind the counter that shows both.  I believe only one had a lift, that is the more northerly.  The lift house and a lodge bldg are still standing, otherwise the area is now lightly forested. 

This may have been the former Milton area, but there are a few differences.

If you have any further info just let us know.

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