Suissevale Ski Area
Moultonboro, NH
1960's-Around 1970

Thanks to Jim Libuda, we first heard of this ski area that operated in Moultonboro. Here are his details:

There was another tiny one hill ski area located in Moultonboro, NH. It was located in the community called "Suissevale", located in Moultonboro NH, off of route 109 heading towards Melvin Village. My parents had purchased a chalet in the early 70's, and I think the ski slope was already closed. It was a one trail slope. I think in the late 80's they eventually built houses on the slope. The slope was across the street from the clubhouse.


Walt Borst : My parents built a Suisse Chalet at "Suissevale" in 1969 right at the base of the slope, one lot over. I skied it in the winter of '69. I think it was open one more year before a lawsuit was placed by the land owners association on the developers. The tow was a rope-only that ran on poles topped with tire rims. A small tow house at the top housed the engine and operator with a great view of Lake Winnipesaukee. The slope had a couple of hundred foot drop and was well contoured and a blast!

J. Conley:  My in-laws had a place there and the area had one trail and a rope tow.  Thinking back it must have opened in about 1963, give or take a year.  We used to stay at the house and ski there once each weekend.  There was a recreation building at the top that had a pool.  We paid $1 per day.  At times when they were not open we used to ski down and take turns driving everyone back to the top - and do it again. Swissvale hoped to entice lots sales with a year round rec program - a beach on Lake Winnepasaukee, boat slips etc.  It never caught on and the ski closed probably around 1970 or so.  

If any other readers have more info, just let us know.

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