Stratham Hill
Stratham, NH
1960's-Mid 1970's

Several NELSAP readers remember this small ski area that operated in Stratham:

Dave Hilton: Stratham Hill in Stratham, NH it had a tow in the 60's, I skied there! A warming hut right beside Rt.33 just before the NH College.

Chris Rohr: I would like to submit another area to be added to your list of lost ski areas in New Hampshire - Stratham ski tow. This area was located at Statham Hill Park in Statham NH. it was very small with one rope tow, but I skied there in the 1960's.

Shaun Berry: Stratham Hill Ski Area in Stratham NH had a single lift and slope. I think it operated in the mid 70s. 

Peter Sawyer: There was another ski area that you have not mentioned in Stratham that operated from about 1962-1968 on a single trail on the side of Stratham Hill. The trail, mostly grown in, can still be seen from Portsmouth Avenue. It had a single rope tow powered by a school bus at the top of the hill. The bus was still present the last time I was up there about 8 or 9 years ago.

Here's the area today...not much to see!

Peter Brewitt:

I was a member of the volunteer ski patrol at Stratham Hill along with a group of guys, most of whom went to Exeter High School, during the 1960's.. Ronnie Swasey and I were the first ones to pass our Jr Ski Patrol certifications for NSP there in 1963. Peter Sawyer mentions the bus in his note. This was a bizarre situation. The bus was located at the top of the tow line; it was leveled out on blocks facing up hill. The rear tires were removed, and the haul rope was wrapped around the bare rim on the left side. The "lift operator" sat in the driver's seat of the bus, with the rear emergency door open. He watched the tow line by looking up at the big rear view mirror, watching out the back door. When the load on the tow changed, he would up-shift or down-shift as required to keep folks moving up the hill.  What great times we had.

Last updated: Nov 29, 2011

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