Snow Pond Ski Area
Kibby Slopes
East Concord, NH
1950's - Late 1970's

Snow Pond Ski Area, aka Kibby Slopes, operated on a hill near Snow Pond in East Concord and was owned by a Elgin Kibby. The area operated from the 1950's, until around the later 1970's, when it was abandoned. The area was a fairly large rope tow area, with at least 3-4 trails, 1 or 2 rope tows (possibly two tandem rope tows to summit), and fairly steep terrain. Kibby Slopes was quite a busy ski area, with high school events taking place at the area during the 1960's/1970's.

While it is not known exactly why the area closed, much larger areas nearby just to its north and a lack of snowmaking probably caused its demise.

Betsy McDonough, Laurie P, and Jeremy visited this area on May 11, 2002. We are all a bit surprised at to how much of the area was left. It appears this area is on public land or is ok to hike, there were no "no trespassing signs", but their were signs for snowmobiles, suggesting its ok to hike the area. Parts of the rope tow are standing, with other tow towers cast into the woods. The old engine chassis still exists near the summit (where a water tower also exists). The rope tow line is quite clear, as to the bottom portion of the main slope. Other slopes and trails have grown in quite a bit, but are noticeable. The old base lodge was either removed or burned to the ground, only the foundation remains. Pictures of the area today are found below.

A view of the slopes from above, late 1990's.

Many NELSAP readers remember this area. Here are their details:

From the bottom looking up. One tower still remains. Notice the lift line up the sandy path. Also, notice a very grown in slope to the right of the lift line. Photos by Jeremy.

Dwight Conant: Snow Pond ski area was in East Concord and operated in the 50's and 60's.  There was a rope tow that fed a steep main slope, a dog-leg trail and two small jumps (20 meter and 35 meter).  The area was owned by Elgin Kibby, an engineer with the state highway department and also the Concord High School ski coach.  A three mile cross country trail led from the bottom of the jumps through the woods to a golf course in East Concord and back.  The area was used by Concord families and was the host of many four event New Hampshire high school races over the years.
Paul Giblin: As far as another lost ski area goes, I grew up in Concord, NH and started skiing at a very small (but busy) ski area called "Snow Pond Ski Area".  It was located just off Shaker Road in East Concord, NH and had 6 or 7 trails, two Model A Ford rope tows (one to 1/2 way and the other went to the summit) one base lodge building and two built-in ski jumps. I'm not sure of either the base or summit elevation, but it couldn't have had more than a 350 to 400 foot vertical.  I remember the Concord (NH) High School ski team used to practice and hold races there as well.  Growing up on Shaker Road in east Concord, I remember watching the school bus go past my house every day with the ski team on board on their way to Snow Pond.  I dreamed of the day when I would be able to hopefully join them... needless to say, by the time I was old enough, the ski area had closed and I never got the chance to fulfill me dream of racing there.

The area was also called Kibby Slopes at one time.

Looking up the liftline, near the top. Still clear and easily hikeable.

A rope tow tower, cast away in the woods.
Bob Prescott: One ski area in Concord was the Snow Pond Ski Area and/or the Elgin Kibby Slopes. It was located near Snow Pond Rd. just beyond the East Concord village. It had two trails and two jumps. I think Mr. Kibby and his boys were the prime movers.

Near the top of the area. Old lift shack next to rope tow tower. 
Water tower in background

The old truck chassis that used to run the lift.

David Rand: There is another area on the backside of the Country Club of N.H in Concord (off Rte 132 just north of the city).  I have many friends who learned to ski there as late as the early 70's.

If you remember this area and have more info, just let us know.

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