Oscar Bedor's Farm Tow
Monroe Men's Club
Monroe, NH

Thanks to Candace Rapf, we first heard of this area in Monroe. Here are her details: 

In the time when many small towns had their own ski hills, Monroe, NH (pop. 410, at the time)(1960 census) built one, too.  It was located on Oscar Bedor's farm, at the junction of Rt. 135 and the North Monroe-Barnet, VT bridge road.  It had a rope tow and a couple of trails, and a shack at the bottom for tickets and cocoa.  I believe it was a volunteer operation, funded and staffed in part by the Monroe Men's Club, an organization that is still active today.  I am not sure of the exact years of operation; I just know it was started in my grade school years and closed, I think, during my high school years. I graduated HS in 1964, and think it was gone by then.  In the summer it reverted back to being a cow pasture.  The photo on the right shows what the area looks like now.

Mary Girouard Saurs skied here with her family and shared her photo with us:

My family went nearly every weekend to the Monroe Ski Tow.  My mom would drop us of and go over to Barnet to visit with her sister, Barbara Dunbar.  We loved it.  One day my coat got twisted around the rope and somehow I was flipped up and over the safety rope.  My sister, Jean Girouard threw herself on the rope to stop the tow. I thought I was going to get killed in the pulley. I was probably 8. The main hill was perfect. Just the right steepness for everyone.  The trail through the woods had a jump in the middle of the hill. I never got the courage to go over it.  I was always impressed when my brother, Mike, would sail over it.  Ernie Locke did too. 

I used to wait for one of the big kids to pick up the rope and I would get behind them because it was so heavy.  Big kids helped the younger ones. I don't ever remember anyone bringing anything but helpful. I don't remember adults being there except maybe one man to run the tow.  We loved going and slept well that night.

In the picture, I am in the center, just above the boy in the front middle. My left hand is out with my pole. My sister Jean is on the far left.

If you remember this ski area and have more info, just let us know.

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