Joy Farm Hill
Bath, NH
Before 1961-At Least 1973

Thanks to Mary Ruppert, we first heard of this ski area that operated in Bath. Here are her details:

"Joy Farm Hill once had a rope tow, but has reverted to pasture. However, the rope tow line and poles (instead of towers) are still easily seen from the road."

Eric Hjelm has more information: "I grew up in Bath, NH where "Joy Farm" ski hill was located. I ski raced for Woodsville High School starting when I was in Junior High School in 1972. In 72 and 73, we used to run gates on this ski hill and Arthur Joy would fire up the rope tow for us to use, which if memory serves me correctly was fired by an old VW bug chassis with engine anchored in the ground. This was literally a cow pasture in the summer and part of Arthur's working farm. I have a 2nd home in this area and the poles for the rope tow are still there, although there is a housing development encroaching on this."

Butch Joy's father Arthur operated the area, here is more info from Butch: I am Butch Joy. Tow was built by my dad who learned to ski in Japan while serving in Korea. Was popular for awhile, closed when I was 5.As rope tows go it was a beauty and there was a big jump near the bottom.

The 1961 American Ski Directory lists this area as having an 1100 foot long tow.

If you remember this ski area and have more info, just let us know!

Last updated: Oct 15, 2010

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