Mt. Jasper Tow
Berlin, NH
Early 1950's

Thanks to an article written by Barbara Tetreault in the Berlin Sun in Jan 2001, we now know of this ski area. A few readers of the article wrote back to the paper with information on Mt. Jasper. Here is a clip from the article:

"Two people reported another ski area that operated for a short time in Berlin. Walter Nadeau of the Berlin and Coos Historical Society and newspaper columnist and local historian Paul "Poof' Tardif both provided recollections of the Mt. Jasper rope tow.

Nadeau said he believes the rope tow was built in the last forties and lasted only a year or two. He said the motor and building were vandalized and the owner never repaired the damage. In fact, Nadeau said for years the remnants of the tow motor machinery was left there. The slope was between Mt. Jasper and what is now the Berlin high school. Tardif remembered that the run ended about where the running track is now. He said there were two trails."

Here is a view of the area today. Not much to see. The remnants of a few trails may be visible.


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A 1953 Ski NH guide lifts the area as having a 1500' rope tow, several slopes, and was run by the Recreation Dept of Berlin.

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