Fox Chase Inn
Bradford, NH
Before 1959-At least 1961

History ~ Listings by the Year


The Fox Chase Inn in Bradford, NH once operated a short, 258' private rope tow for guests only. Owned by Harriet and Al Wilmarth, the inn had 300 acres and also featured skating and sledding on the property.

Mark Loehr owns the property and has more information: I currently own the property. Foxchase is still here as a residence, but not an inn.  I have come across equipment in the woods where the lift existed, but I think it was taken out when it became an assisted living residence in 1978.

Right - a 1959 advertisement in the NH Winter Holidays brochure.


Listings by the Year

Year Lifts Trails Other Info Source
1959 Private ski tow Practice Slope 8 miles from Mt. Sunapee, 300 acre property. Coasting, skating, ice fishing. Wonderful food. Operated by Harriet and Al Wilmarth 1959 New Hampshire Winter Guide
1961 258' long rope tow Unknown None American Ski Directory

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Last updated: February 11, 2013

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