Esquimo Lodge Tow
Dublin or Marlborough, NH
Before 1947-Around 1950

The Esquimo Lodge Tow opened sometime after World War II and lasted until around 1950. It had a 600 foot rope tow which served an open slope along Rute 101.

Ned Bolle visited this area located on Rte 101 in November of 2001. Here's his info:

I remember the Esquimo Lodge, although skiing had halted before I donned my first pair of leather boots.  The Esquimo was a Restaurant, and a true piece of post war Americana,  on the Marlborough/Dublin Town Line on NH 101, near the corner of Chesham Road.  The restaurant had previously had a cottages/cabins that were operated as a motel. Many such motels were operated my French Canadians, which would likely explain the spelling of the name.

I spoke to several of my relatives from the area who vaguely remember a rope tow operating in pasture to East of the lodge in the early fifties.  Left and below are pictures of the pasture (including some current residents), the lodge, and an area of tall white pines that might have  been a great little glade in its day.


More of the open slope, taken by Ned Bolle.

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Esquimo Lodge Tow by the year:

Year Lifts Trails Other Info Source
1947-1949 600 foot tow open slope located on Route 101 NH Winter Map

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