Drummer Hill Tow
Beach Hill?
Keene, NH
Around 1947-Around 1951

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Not too much is known about the Drummer Hill Tow. According to guidebooks, it had a 900 foot tow and operated in Keene in the late 1940's. A search on Terraserver found a reference to a Drummer Hill Park just north of town, which is the location of the ski area.

However, in 1951 guidebooks listed a Beach Hill Tow with a lift of almost the same length. A Beech Hill is located just north of the above mentioned Drummer Hill Park. I'm betting the two areas area the same. No other references exist on this area.

Here's an aerial shot of the Drummer Hill area...not much to see. If you use your imagination, you can almost spot a liftline left of the word "approx", but that could be something completely different.

By the Year

Drummer Hill/Beach Hill Tree by the Year:

Year Lifts Slopes Other Info Source
1947-1949 900 foot tow open slope none NH Winter Map
1951 800 foot tow unknown 40 meter jump, listed as Beach Hill NH Winter Guide


Calvin Perry:

Your guess as to the location of the Drummer Hill tow is correct! I remember it well, having skied there many times in my youth! I was born in Keene in 1935 and skied there through grade 5 or 6. AKA 1945-47. It was a long rope tow and very fast. I remember that to hold up the rope was a chore and that the best deal was to ride behind an adult to have them hold up the rope. The rope twisted a lot on the ascent and many gloves were lost in the “unloading” at the top of the slope.  The down hill was just that – fairly long and straight! Mom turned me loose there after school and always met me with hot chocolate – great memories!

Recent Photos

Tyler visited this area in January, 2010 and took the following photos:

The area is located near the junction of Green Acres Road and Drummer Road.

Near the bottom of the fomer ski area.
Likely a portion of the overgrown slope.

Looking up the likely rope tow lift line, with a very overgrown slope on the left.

Do you remember this area? If so, let us know.

Last update: February 25, 2010

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