Colebrook Tow
Colebrook, NH
Before 1953-?

Thanks to Alan Hebert, we now know about this area that operated in Colebrook. Here are his details:

"There was a small rope tow area in Colebrook NH many many years ago. It is on the hill which the hospital is located now. The only thing I remember is that my Dad always used to tell me that he pulled the rope up to the top on his snow machine. If you look at a topo map of the area where Hospital Road/Corliss Lane is was the base. It is adjacent to the golf course. There is a road/driveway off of Hospital Road which goes up the hill and to where the "top shack" was. Whenever I go home in the summer I take my bike up to the "top"."

To the right is an aerial shot of the old ski area. As you can see, it has grown in, much is still generally clear.

A 1953 NH ski guide mentions a "tow" in Colebrook, so I assume this is it. It was not listed in a 1951 guide or in any subsequent guidebooks.

If you remember this ski area and have more info, just let us know.

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