Berry's Hill
Barrington, NH
1940's-Late 1960's

Thanks to Cam Marcotte, we now know of this obscure area that operated in Barrington. Here are his details: 

My name is Cam Marcotte. Me and my friend were recently out backcountry snowboarding behind my house, and I remembered this place with a lot of trails on the side of a hill so we went to check it out, and on a very strait trail going down between some others we found 5 cement bases of what I think might be for the summit lift, and we got to the bottom where we found a large open area with some weeds growing in it that I think was the parking lot and there was a large pile of wood and stone there that might have been from a lodge, we also found a old ropetow pole so I think this must be an old Ski Area.

A topo map of Berry's Hill.

On Terraserver there are two potential areas on Berry Hill where the area may existed, noted above. Both are more on the western side of the hill rather than southern. Both are at the end of Berry Hill Road.

So we went to a mans house who lived near there and asked him if he knew anything about an old Ski Area that closed, and he said yes that there was, and it was right were we guessed where it was. He said it was called Berry Hill and had a T-bar for a summit lift and a ropetow near the bottom It operated between about 1940 to the late 60's but shut down due to money problems and lack of snow because it was a south facing slope, there were 9 trails, it wasn't very big. But we enjoyed snowboarding there it was a short but fun ride down. It must have been used as a logging road since then as there are fallen trees rocks and tracks everywhere 

If you remember this ski area and have more info, just let us know.

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