Barnstead-Locke Lake Colony
Barnstead NH
Late 1960's/Early 1970's
Thanks to G. Pinkham who sent us the following information about this area that once operated in Barnstead.

"This area was located on Route 28 in Barnstead..  I believe it was part of a private development called Locke Lake colony.  It had a rope tow with 3 or 4 trails.  The base lodge is still there and is operating as a Clam Bar/Ice cream restaurant.  The area was operating in the late 60's into the early 70's.  Some of the old lift can still be seen at the bottom with trees and brush all around."

Betsy McDonough and Laurie P found this area in March of 2002. Here are a few of their pictures:

A view of the two main slopes.

A close up of a rope tow tower and light.

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