Ski-Horse Mountain
Newburgh, ME
Late 1950's-c1990

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NELSAP first heard of this area thanks to Lansing Wagner. This lost area was started as private club ski area, with limited membership. It was small, but did have a T-bar and rope tow, along with 3-4 trails  and slopes. The vertical was about 200-300 feet. It was located close to the Bangor area.

The area closed to the club around 1970 as the children of the founders and members grew up and moved away. However, the second to last owner, Peter Johnson, still operated the rope tow for his own use until 1990.

More recently, the area has had the slopes kept clear, and sledding still takes place.



Historical Photos
Woody Bousquet sent us a copy of a 1969 brochure, which has some great photos of this relatively obscure lost area. Below are quotes from the brochure.

You and yours are cordially invited to be a "Ski-Horse Family" in 1969.

Ski-Horse Mountain is a paradise for the winter and summer sports enthusiast, with miles of marked trails for ski-mobiling, skiing, snow shoeing, and riding adjacent to the lodge.

Ski-Horse Mountain Association membership gives you privileges in the privately owned Ski-Horse Mountain Area and lodge which are not available at public ski areas.

Use of the lodge, ski lift, open slope and trails, pond and rink are but a few of the advantages.


Above: The T-bar.
This is taken about 1/3 of the way up the liftline.

The base of the T-bar is visible here.

Will Farnham will be on hand as usual to help novice and competent skiers alike.

Year round attractions include ridging (stabling facilities), picnicking, camping, fishing, hiking, etc.


The schedule of social events includes suppers, square dances, parties, song fests, skiing and riding clinics, contests, etc.

Most important of all the area is there for your individual use over and above the scheduled activities.

Signed: Dr. Donald E. Bridges, Mrs. Gordon D. Briggs, S. Braley Gray, Calvin B. Johnson, Phillip E. Johnson, William R. Smith, Louis C. Stearns.


Skiing down the main slope. T-bar is to the left.


Zak Winship's grandfather helped found this area in the mid 1950's. Here are his details:
I am the grandson of one of the founders of Ski Horse Mtn. It was started in the mid 50's by some families in the Bangor area as a local members only "resort" they did have summer activities also. The mountain closed down in the late 60's due to lack of interest most of the families children grew up and moved off. The mountain had a t-bar that serviced the main mountain's 5 trails and a rope tow for the "bunny" slope. The rope tow is still in place and was used up until 1990 by my uncle Peter Johnson who owned the mountain till about 2000, when it was sold out of our family. The main trail, bunny slope and one secondary trail are still kept mowed and used in the winter by family and friends for sledding.

Lansing Wagner: "In the late fifties we skied at a slope called Skihorse Mountain in Dixmont or Newburg, Maine. They had a t-bar. I think there was also an attempt at making it a year round country club kind of place with horse stables and riding trails."

If you remember this area and have more info, just let us know.

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