Kents Hill
Kents Hill, ME

1950's - Today

Kents Hill School operates a ski area for students on their campus in Kents Hill, ME. One or two lifts serves a slope complete with snowmaking, lights, and snowboard hits. The Liz Cross Mellen Lodge serves the ski area.

Glenn Parkinson's book "First Tracks" has some more info on the area:

"Bill Dunn wanted Kents Hill School, a private school in Kents Hill, to offer skiing to its students. In 1942 he hired "Peg" Goldthwait from Dartmouth to find the appropriate hill, clear the terrain, and begin a ski program, one of the first coed high school programs in the nation. A rope tow was installed in the early 1950's, lights, snowmaking,and grooming in the mid 1980's. Today nearly half the student body is involved in skiing and both the men's and women's teams won the New England Prep School Championships in 1995."

Here's a topo map of the area. Notice that its an "upside-down" area, with the lodge on top, and that its just across the street from the campus.

Here's an aerial shot of the slopes, in April 1997. Notice that there are still patches of snow left from snowmaking efforts. There may be a trail visible in the woods on the right.

To check out the school's website with info on the area, follow this link: Kents Hill School.

Galen Crane has a bit of info on this area:

"We used to ski against Kents Hill School, which is northwest of Augusta.  They had their own ski hill across Route 41 from campus.  You walked to the top and skied down to the shore of Torsey Lake.  1 rope tow, one main slope and maybe a trail or two.  They might have even had a snow gun, but don't quote me. I'm sure it'd be real easy to find now."

If anybody else has further info, just let us know.

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