Hi Point Tow

Augusta, ME
1942-Circa 1950

Thanks to Glenn Parkinson's book First Tracks, we first heard of this area. Here are his details:

In the early 1950's, this area, which was part of Augusta's municipal recreation program, had a 400' rope tow, and skiing on several open slopes.

Scott Andrews notes that the Lewiston Daily Sun for January, 1942, noted that Hi Point in Augusta opened late that month with a tow, with a clear reference to the area being new that year.

This area apparently led to the Maine Top area. For more information on Maine Top, click here. Below you can read a clip from Maine Top's write up regarding Hi Point, from Todd Patenaude.

Maine Top Ski Tow was owned and operated by two sisters Cecile Patenaude Morin and Therese Patenaude  Rodrigue from 1951 to 1955.  They got interested in skiing when their brother Robert Patenaude returned from the service where he was a ski trooper in the 10th Mountain Division during WWII.  Hi Point Tow ski hill in the North Augusta, which was run by the Abenaki Ski & Outing Club, closed in 1950.  The Club managed to convince Cecile and Therese’s father Wilfred Patenaude that his farmland on River Street would be great for a new local ski area.   

If you remember this area and have more info, just let us know.
Last updated November 27, 2013

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