Gilmour's Hill
Winthrop, ME


Thanks to David LaVallee, we now know of this area that operated in Winthrop.  I'll let him explain this one:

"Gilmour's Hill is located in Winthrop, Maine and was owned by John and Barbara Gilmour. I think it started in the 60's and had a rope tow. The Winthrop High Ski team, of which my cousin Tim LaVallee and I were members, would cut the brush and maintain it every fall for the upcoming ski season. Alpine races with various high schools would be on Saturdays and then town people could ski on Sunday. Mentioned should be made of Lehan "Pete" Edwards the  high school biology teacher and ski coach for all his efforts as well as Charles "Chuck" Thomas who timed all racers and judged the jumping. Further, Tim LaVallee went on to become quite successful coaching the US Alpine ski team in Colorado and is currently ski coach at Gould Academy."

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