Essex Street Hill
Bangor, ME

1960's-Early 1970's

Thanks to Loafasaur, we now know of this area in Bangor. Here are his details:

How many Lost Ski Areas can be viewed from Interstate 95?  You get a clear view of the City of Bangor's old slope from the interstate, particularly from the southbound lanes, just south of the Bangor Mall.  The 60's-architecture base lodge for this upside-down area is plainly seen at the top of the hill by the water towers.  This area ran in the 60's and early 70's and was killed by the combination of bad snow years and liability/insurance issues.  It had a T-bar, the liftline and a few components of which (including the drive shaft for the bullwheel) are easily found on foot.  The lift was probably 1200' long and about 250' vertical.  The main slope is easily seen from the interstate below the lodge.  It is genuinely steep.  It gets used for an annual whatever sled/tube "race" sponsored by WKIT, the Bangor rock radio station owned by Steve King, and throughout the year by mountain bikers as a side-by-side downhill course.  There is a handful of old ski trails that are fun to explore that are also heavily used for mtn. biking.  The City still owns the land, so access is no problem--the "Essex Woods" entrance has a sign from Essex Street.  The Police Athletic League has use of the lodge building.  

Here's an aerial view of the slopes, note the water towers on top.

If you remember this area and have more info, just let us know.

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