Eastport Ski Area
Quoddy Ski Club
embroke, ME


Thanks to Allen Barry who founded this area, we now know the full story of this small rope tow area. Here are his details and pictures:

In 1948 I had a job in Eastport  Maine, you can not get further east than that.  It was far from any ski area, especially with a young family so I formed a ski club and had a great deal of local support.  I flew in a small plane to scout possible ski slopes and found one in Pembroke.  A farmer in the area let us use a 100' hill and a small building on his property which became a club house. It was a great deal of satisfaction to have the cooperation and interest of all in the area. The first day we opened cars lined up and down the street to watch the skiing, as Eastport has little going on during the winter.

The slope was relatively short, but long enough to make several turns and teach skiing to the younger children and a few adults. Their interest carried on as they grew up and moved away. I had an instructor's certificate and was taught and examined by Benno Rybyski, the first Austrian ski instructor in the U.S. I taught a dozen or more people and youngsters to ski at  that little area  and it continued for awhile after I left. For a number of years I still had friends in the area.

 A view of the base building, late 1940's.

A view of the slope. You can just make out the rope tow in the upper right portion of the slope. 
Not big, but certainly a fun place to learn to ski.

The slope was located in the town of Pembroke on the North side of Route 1 about 5 miles west of Perry and the turnoff to the town of Eastport. Like most of the lost ski areas it may now be covered by brush or trees if has not been farmed, however it is the largest hill in the area, which isn't saying much as you can judge from the picture on the left.

The area operated during the winters of 1949, 50 and 51. Like any small venture it takes just one or two enthusiastic individuals to get something going and keep it going. 

After I and Hans Aschasffenburg left Eastport in 1951 there was one person who had the enthusiasm to carry on, the owner of a department store in Calais.  I had told the group not to cut down the trees near the top of the hill as they provided a windbreak and helped keep the snow on the hill. They didn't listen. The owner of the department store was killed when his bulldozer tipped over as he was cutting down the trees. This ended the ski area.

If you remember this area and have more info, just let us know.

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