Dutton Hill Ski Area
Windham, ME

Thanks to Robert Hunt, we now know of this rope tow ski area that operated in Windham, ME. Here are his details:

I grew up in Windham Maine and remember skiing at Dutton Hill Ski Area off Route 202 near the intersection of Dutton Hill Rd and Route 202. It had  about 300 vertical feet and had 2 trails coming Down to Route 202. the old rope tow poles and engine are still there even though it is overgrown. This area ran ( According to my dad Bob Hunt) from 1930 to 1963. It closed because of lack of parking other than a field across the highway. if you look at the USGS map it is still identified as a Ski Area. As I am not living in Maine the best source I believe will be the Town Library and the historical society.

A view of the Topo map showing the tow.

An aerial view of Dutton Hill. The liftline is clearly visible.

If you remember this ski area, please let us know.

Last udpated: November 25, 2009

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