Bond Mountain

Newfield, ME
1958-Around 1963

Thanks to Tim Carpenter, we now know of this area that operated in Newfield. Here are his details:

In the late 1950’s, a group of individuals who skied regularly with the Bauneg Beg Ski Club arranged to use the land and move their equipment to the mountain in Newfield Maine . There were two ski tows on the mountain.  Looking at the mountain from Route 11 the smaller slope with the three hundred foot tow was off to the left.  This area was used for beginners.  The slope to the right was steeper and had a six hundred foot tow for more experienced skiers that went up the hill into the woods. 

A season pass cost a dollar-and-a half and there was a fifty-cent charge each time you skied (one dollar without the pass) A concession stand in the ski lodge at the bottom of the hill sold hamburgers, hot dogs, and hot chocolate.  On some nights there was skiing under the lights.

Keeping the machinery in running order was a serious challenge.  The grooming machine was actually a converted World War II army vehicle – a “weasel” with an attached roller which looked like an old corrugated metal culvert.  The  roller  weighed four hundred pounds and was used to pack and smooth the trails.  More time was spent fixing the antiquated equipment than actually using it.  On February 17, 1963 , the mechanical challenges, continuous maintenance, etc. had proven to be too much and the ski area closed soon after.

Since the ski tows on Bond Mountain have disappeared and the trails are now overgrown, when you drive by the site these days you would never realize that skiing was once a major activity for many of the residents in the area. 

If you remember this area and have more info, just let us know.
Last updated: Dec 24, 2013

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