Belfast Ski Area
Belfast, ME


According to Glenn Parkinson in his book, "First Tracks. Stories from Maine's Skiing Heritage", there was a community run ski area in Belfast in the 1960s. It was serviced by a rope tow. Here are Glenn's details:

BELFAST-The sign read simply "Ski Area". "The area was a community project in the late 1960s," says Chris Kinney, a high school student at the time. "The rope tow was built by the Lions Club using Central Maine Power and an engine donated by a local machine shop. We skied on three trails, which were really quite steep, and a 15 meter jump. A lot of school ski meets were held at the area. "It was a lot of fun, there was something for everybody." People rode flying saucers down the landing hill of the jump." After six years of operation the area closed in 1973. There had been problems with the engine and with the rope. "The rope was made of hemp and some kids thought they could smoke it. We kept losing sections," said Kinney.

Imagine that-a lift being damaged by kids smoking it? That's a first!


David C: "I am too young to remember it but the tow rope mechanism is still there, the motor is gone, but the gears work.  They cut down the telephone poles that ran up the main slope, down to about 2 foot.  The trails are still pretty clear, the views are great. I believe the Coastal Mountain trust is going to put some better trails through during the summer of 2004."

The area was located on Upper Bridge Road, north of downtown Belfast.

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