Bauneg Beg Ski Trails
North Berwick, ME
Early 1990's-c2007

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This pony lift ski area was a rare ski area that operated from the early 1990's until about 2007. It was rare in that brand new ski areas opening past the early 1970's are very uncommon. The area was operated by the Legere Family who had purchased a used handle tow from the town of Biddeford. It was a semi-private area that was sometimes open to the public.

This area was built in the owner's back yard for the use of his family and friends, and ultimately opened it to the public. It is named after Bauneg Beg, a local "lost" ski area. The handle tow came from a lost area in Biddeford (according to an article found by Chris Bradford). The area featured several trails on an 110' drop. It closed around 2007 when the family sold the property, and the handle tow was sold to Mount Jefferson, ME.

Trip Report

Chris Bradford and Betsy Brown visited the area in November of 2001, and here is their visit:

Here is a look at the slope. The handle tow runs up the left side of the trail.

Here is the sign for Bauneg Beg. Notice the old style lettering.
Glenn Parkinson sent us this picture of a label of the now defunct Bauneg Beg company, which made ginger ale and the like. Notice the lettering, its the same as the sign above. Here's what Glenn as to say: 

The Bauneg Beg "old style lettering" is from a soda company. They used that and a drawing of a skier on their labels. The skier has been updated for the sign that you picture. I have several glass bottles with the skier logo. I also have some paper ones that were never used. The glass seems to be slightly older, this scan of the paper label is slightly updated, probably in the 1950s. The company went out of business in the 1960s and used the logo until then. 

Ernie Eaton's:  Here are a couple of January, 1999 pictures of my kids at their Uncle Richard's.   Owners are Linda and Richard Legere who cleared the hill and installed the lift. Also included is a trail map designed by their son. I think they skied 85+ days one year. There is 110' vertical and the lift is 340' long.  It has a pony tow that was bought from the town of Biddeford. They experimented with snow making but never really produced a lot of snow. In 1998 a season's pass was $50 and a day ticket was $5. The pond is used for ice skating which was $3. There is a small lodge attached to a barn (in one of your pictures). It was family and friends only for about 9 years prior to 1998.   Last winter (00/01) it was again friends and family only.

Here's a pic of the slope.

A view of the pony lift (on the left)

The trail map


Michael Soule-Hinds: Richard Legere sold his property in 2007. The lift has been removed and the new owners are not using it for skiing. Really too bad as both my children started skiing there - it was a lot of fun. The top third of the hill was definitely an expert trail, but the rest was suitable for anyone.

The Legeres were my next door neighbors and Richard was an avid skier. The day I was moving in July 1, 1984 Richard stopped by to introduce himself. Seeing my skis propped up he asked if I wanted to go skiing some time. I said sure and he replied that there was still some snow at Tuckerman's and he was headed up the next day - would I like to go?

Avram Haines: Bauneg Beg 2 in North Berwick ME is now a lost area. I work with Richard, who installed the lift on his property. The lift was originally from Biddeford Rotary Park. He refurbished it and ran it for quite a few years. He recently sold his property. I believe Mt. Jefferson in Lee ME bought the lift, so it has been recycled again.

Last updated: Dec 25, 2013

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