Henry Park
Vernon, CT


NELSAP learned about this area from Tim Carpenter. Here are his details of this former area:

This area was in my home town of Vernon Ct.  The area was in a place called Henry Park which is owned by the town.  On the other side is a big hill for sledding. below to the right were ballfields, a swimming pool and other recreational  facility's.  I area was used by members of the Alpine Ski Club.  I used to ski there in the 70's.  It had one rope tow. The parking area was at the top so you started near the old rope tow hut.  There was a Main slope which was more difficult. And to the left was a gentler slope which went down to a small trail that led to the bottom of the rope tow.  The area had lighting for night skiing.  There was also a ski school and a Ski patrol member on duty. A good place for the Club to learn and practice for the ski trips to Mt. Tom in Ma. And Vermont.  Due to the mild winters that started in the 80's it closed down.  My brother and I used to go there quite a bit.

An aerial shot, found by Tim

Fred Goff took this picture of the area on Feb 19, 2002. You can see the slope and a rope tow tower with a pulley. Not a bad view either!
Chris Lundquist took this shot of a tow tower during the winter of 2002 (during a rare snowy day I might add!)

Looking up the slope, also taken by Chris.

Does anybody else remember this ski area?

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