Krechko's Tow
Tolland, CT
Before 1969-?

Thanks to A. Hamilton, we now know about this area. It was located off Peter Green Road in Tolland, at 41.53.39N and 72.23.35W. Little else is known about it.

Here's a topo map of the area, sent in from A. Hamilton.



Tim Gottier also remembers this area: I only tried skiing one time. Krechko's Tow was a steep hill wit a homemade tow rope. The woodline was at the bottom of the hill with very little area to stop. Someone loaned me a pair of very poor wooden skis and I didn't enjoy the feeling of heading toward the woods with no brakes! This was probably about 1969, but may have been in operation for years before.  The hill was probably closed shortly after that due to the liability.

If you know more about this area just let us know.

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