Indian Mountain School

Lakeville, CT


Several NELSAP readers remember this area in Lakeville:

E. Chase: There was a small, one rope tow area run by Indian Mountain School in Lakeville, CT.  I attended the school in 1963-65 and remember skiing there and ski jumping on one of two ski jumps.  The school is a going concern, but I don't believe the area exists.  It was on the school grounds and was for the use of the students.

S. Gorman: Back in the early-mid 1970's I was on the Alpine ski team at my junior high school, Indian Mountain School in Lakeville, CT, in the northwest corner near Salisbury. We had our own rope tow and ski slopes, which we boot-packed every time it snowed. I believe the ski area hasn't been in use for years.

TPA44094: "I was a teacher at IMS from about 1989 to 1994.  When I arrived, the ski area had shut down.  I believe it had been used the year before, 1988, but was shut down because the state would not license it or the cost to get it to meet the code was too much.  Mike Brown, a teacher still at the school, would have knowledge and pictures of it.  The area had one main trail and was quite steep.  If memory serves me right, there were two rope tows, one going half way and the other close to the top.  When I was there in '94, the engine, pulleys and rope were still intact." 

Does anybody else have any more information?  If so, please let us know!

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