Connecticut Junior Republic

Litchfield, CT
?-Early 1990's

Connecticut Junior Republic is a private non-profit organization dedicated to helping troubled youth become productive members of their communities. They used to run a ski hill on their campus in Litchfield until about the early 1990's. As of today, the tow is still standing, minus the rope. The Connecticut Junior Republic website indicates that their facilities include a ski hill:, however, the area is not currently open.

Several readers remember this area:

T. Tagan: The CT Junior Republic in Litchfield has a hill that I believe still has a tow on it, although I have not seen any activity in the slope in some years.

Jonathan Regan: The Connecticut Junior Republic is a school for troubled young men and for years operated a small tow hill behind the school. There was one rope tow about 500 feet long and one open slope of the same length. The vertical drop is no more than 150 feet. The last time I remember the tow running was in the early 1990s. As pictured in my attachment taken 2004-02-07, all the workings for the tow remain with the exception of the rope. Night skiing was also an option, and you can still see the lights affixed to rope tow towers. The school is located on CT route 63 just before the Goshen border.

Here's a picture Jonathan took of the lost area, on Feb 7, 2004. 

Does anybody else have any more information?  If so, please let us know!

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