Bronson's Hill
Washington, CT


Thanks to "TPA44094", we now know of this lost area in Washington: When I was young back in the 60's we used to ski at Bronson's Hill.  Howard Bronson was a farmer in Washington CT (On the Romford Road) and each winter he would hitch his tractor to a rope tow on land that I think he owned.  This too was a one trail operation and he continued the area for about 10 years while his kids were growing up.  All of us kids in Washington skied there.  It was used by Rumsey Hall school which is nearby.  As I recall, it was open on weekends and maybe on a Fri afternoon too.  Howie, as we called him, did accept a few $ for the gas for his tractor but there was really no charge.  The farm is still there, maybe run by his son, or perhaps sold.  His son, Howie Bronson, Jr. is a farmer and has his own farm in Roxbury CT.

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