(Exact name unknown)
Bloomfield, CT
years operated unknown

P.Morrey found this tow on Terraserver:

"While scoping some topo maps before a recent mountain bike ride I came across this web page that shows a ski lift in the bottom right corner of the map just below the "LD" in Bloomfield.  It appears that it is a single lift with a vertical of about 150'. This map is part of the Avon, CT Quadrangle topo which I also have.  I've had this map for years and just noticed the ski lift about 2 weeks ago.  Once I saw it I pulled out road maps of the area to find out exactly where it is (or most likely, was).

There are several condo developments as well residential housing and farmland in this area now but from the Terraserver images below, it appears that the lift line is still visible in a wooded area going from left to right in the center of the pictures.  It doesn't appear that there are any roads that lead right up to the lift but I hope to do a bike ride in the near future to the area to find out for sure."

Here is the topo, courtesy of Terraserver.

An aerial photo of the area, also courtesy of Terraserver.

Does anybody else have any more information? If so, please let us know!

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