Bethany Tow

Before 1940-Mid 1960s

Thanks to Jonathan Whitlock, we first heard of this small ski area that operated in Bethany, Apparently, it was one of the first rope tow areas in the state. The outline of the slopes are still visible, and some of the tow remains on the site. A private estate now encompasses part of this historic area. Jonathan's father skied here in the 1930's.

"Chrispete6" also remembers this area: I just found your interesting website and I immediately looked for a childhood memory, the Bethany Ridge. Jonathan Whitlock, (coincidentally, a longtime friend of mine) contributed Bethany Hill, which is certainly the same area I skied as a boy during its last seasons (approximately 1963-1965).  I weighed around 55 pounds, and the waterlogged rope tow was so heavy to me that I could not lift it above the snow long enough to be pulled up unless I road immediately on the tail of my older brother.  A full day tow ticket was $1.00.  I believe there was only one slope, which of course did not have snowmaking.  Snow in southern Connecticut was not always as plentiful as we like to remember, and I can distinctly recall some tree stump slalom.  I have not been to the site since it closed.  

Does anybody else have any more information?

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