Beacon Outing Club

Beacon Falls

years operated unknown

Thanks to J. Murphy, we now know of this ski hill that once operated in Beacon Falls.

 "The Beacon Outing Club was located on Route 44 in Beacon Falls, Connecticut and we would go there from North Haven to ice skate in the early 70's on a large pond with a warming lodge and refreshments.  The club rented skates, or you could bring your own.  The club opened two rope tows, one for the smaller hill, and one for a larger hill.  The larger hill tow ended near a clump of trees that became a jump of sorts, a trail through the woods, and then down the wide open slope.  The smaller tow was just straight skiing.  My son Dan (age 3) used to ride up the smaller tow, ski like blazes down and cut in front of everyone in the rope tow line.  Because he was little and cute, everyone let him do this.  We have a funny videotape of the area.  The ski area was operated by the owners of the Beacon Outing Club, and for $1 you could go skating, and skiing.  We had a large family of boys (6) and this was one economical place to ski and skate.   The ski area closed due to prohibitive insurance costs as did many of the ski areas at that time when it was the heyday of suits against ski operators.  The club closed for awhile, and then the town of Beacon Falls purchased it and opened it as a recreation area.  My son Brian and his family and I recently visited the site, and it was impossible to tell where the ski slopes were.  The site had been excavated and a soccer field has taken its place.  We walked up the larger hill and found some remnants of the rope tow paraphernalia.  It brought back fond memories of the area."

Does anybody else have any more information?  If so, please let us know!

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